About the Ministry

Somaliland ministry of transport and road Development is a public institution responsible for all affairs related to the transport special land, Marine, air transports and constructions, rehabilitation of Roads and bridges in Somaliland. It’s also mandated formulate policy and strategic guidance to ministry and authority under its supervision namely Somaliland Road Development Authority, and Somaliland Civil Aviation Authority. The Ministry is executing its duties stipulated in Article 25, issued by the President of the Republic of Somaliland, who mandated the Ministry of National Transport and Road Development to ensure that the nation of Somaliland had access to the services of transports of Land, Sea, Air and Road development, which are part of Somaliland National Development Plan II (2017-2021) and the program of Kulmiye party.


To sustainable, efficient, safe and internationally comparable quality of road in National roads particular to achieve enhanced connectivity, quick mobility to a level which accelerates socio-economic development


To strengthen and sustain Somaliland transport sectors potential to advance our economic competitiveness and the quality of life in Somaliland that enables the movement of people and good


  • Strengthen national legal, policy and regulatory frameworks of country’s land, air and sea transport, and link to regional and international standards.
  • Efficient and effective transport to support industry competitiveness.
  • To develop national transport infrastructure and create conducive environment for land, air and sea transport.
  • To improve and promote efficiency and effective National Transport Management System and National Roads Development.
  • To establish minimum quality standards for the development of national roads and its networking across the country.


  • The other mandate of the Ministry is to establish legal, policy and regulatory framework ensuring accessibility of a safe land, sea and air transport, which is reliable. Ensure that public has access land, sea and air transports, which are part of country’s development plan.
  • Design and implement Government’s plans on roads constructions, maintenance and administration of roads outside the urban towns.
  • To develop and strengthen legal framework of land transport and Somaliland roads.
  • Administer and manage road traffic in the country and issue license of land transport.
  • Design and plan national transport policies; Administer services of movement of people and goods, as same time ensures transactions of goods and people in the country and services of country transportation of goods.
  • Ensure infrastructure, facilities of transport, modernization and safeguarding.
  • To take steps on the solutions of transport impact to climate change. Conduct statistics of transport types in the country at the same time create database to facilitate information on transport.
  • Coordinate steps towards roads developments, maintenance, at same time advise the Government all matters concerning transport and roads. Establish policies of roads facilities in the country, at same time coordinate a development project that strengthens capacity of roads facilities.
  • To engage the implementation Acts and Policies administering transport and roads and to execute other roles and responsibilities mandated by the laws of the country.